Winter 100% Mulberry Silk Duvet

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Silk is naturally breathable, so it helps to maintain a more stable temperature throughout the night, suitable for all seasons use.

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100% Cotton 300TC or Any


100% Mulberry Silk


150x200cm or any


PVC Bag with Insert Card or Roll Packed into Cotton or Nonwoven Bag


Silk Benefits:

– The silk filling is hand-pulled layer by layer in Chinese traditional techniques, hand tack to avoid slip, which is Puffy & Soft.

– Silk is naturally soft, light-weighted & breathable, it helps to maintain a more stable temperature throughout the night. It offers warmth without feeling heavy or bulky.

Care Instruction:

– Silk Duvet does not need to be cleaned if a removable duvet cover or sheet is applied. Just air them each season to keep fresh.

– The duvet should never be dry cleaned, machine washed; hand washed in its entirety, wrung or tumbles dried.

– Spot cleaning the cover with lukewarm water when necessary.

Friendly Reminder: 

– The silk filling thickness could be slight uneven from edge to center part due to hand pulling, but the filling weight is guaranteed as indicated.

– Natural silk filling is not off white, it is a bit creamy which is its natural color.

Tips to Identify Real Silk:

Extract a few yarns off from the silk fillings and put on flame. Genuine silk smells like burning hair and produces black, powdery ash. It will stop burning immediately when leaving the flame. A synthetic fiber smells like burning plastic, produces black smoke and a black ball of residue (not ash). It will continue to burn even after leaving the flame.


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