We Are 7 Delightful Home

7 Delightful Home is born from a historical bedding manufacturer in Hangzhou, China. We are 30 years old and seem old enough to sit in the backyard, haha. But we are still young with vigor, filled with great passionate blood, and experienced enough to dance with many different styles in the balls filled with turbulent waves.

Production capacity: 1,000,000+ sets of duvets, pillows, protectors, toppers and blankets, etc yearly.

We have been working with many customers since they were still young, then they had families, had kids, and kids have grown up…How time flies! Those customers are deeply bonded with us, like old friends and families. They asked us to source diverse products in China, providing a full package of solutions, that is how we started 7 Delightful Home.

The experience with old and new customers shapes us into who we are now. We are growing up with lots of Amazon start-ups, independent website entrepreneurs, department stores, supermarkets, etc.

My Factory

Strict quality control is life of a factory. We do inspection on all raw materials, accessories and every step of production. 

Cutting – sewing – shell checking – filling checking – semi products checking – finished products checking, etc. Welcome to our factory.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

years history
square meters workshop
skilled workers

What 7 Delightful Home Provides

Right person

Professional is not only about product knowledge, but also about talk with right person who knows what you are talking & thinking about.

Swift Response

Never say hello / send inquiry, then wait a few hours for reply. Never keep silent for problems. Anytime you need, swift reply you will get.

Good Price

Affordable price, supported by historical and long time cooperated materials suppliers.

Free Samples

Quick action for offering & sampling.


Big begins from small. Small orders are workable to start business.


OEM & ODM are very welcomed

Details Make Perfect !

- 7 Delightful Home

You've found the right person to make your work easier and more delightful.

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