How to Clean Your Down Comforter in 5 Steps

With the dawn of the coronavirus pandemic, a peaceful sleep is more important than ever. A restful sleep is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle, as it contributes towards a healthy immune system and increased productivity. One way to ensure quality sleep is to invest in quality bedding. Good quality bedding is durable and with a little bit of love and effort, can last for years.

Down comforters are delicate. Made with the goose or duck down, these comforters are very soft and provide excellent heat regulation. The durability of down comforters is one of the primary reasons behind their popularity. With a little bit of extra love and care, these comforters can last for decades. Let’s take a look at five easy steps to prolong the lifespan of your down comforter.

Don’t Forget to Check the Tags

Comforters come with a small tag attached. The comforter label has detailed instructions about a recommended washing technique. Most down comforters are recommended to be dry cleaned by trusted cleaners. Besides the cleaning technique, the materials of the product, design, sizes and satisfaction guarantee are also mentioned in the tag.

Check for Holes or Leaks

Checking for leaks or holes is important before you start washing your comforter. Examine both sides carefully and ensure there are no holes. 

Leave Adequate Space

Never cram anything else in the washing machine with your comforter. As a matter of fact, there should be enough room for it to move around so that the water and soap can reach everywhere. Ensure that the capacity of the washer matches the size of your comforter. Allow your comforter to move around while washing for a thorough cleaning.

Use a Gentle Detergent and Clean Water

For comforters, a small amount of mild detergent, which is friendly to the skin is recommended. It is also recommended that you wash your comforter in cool water and only use the delicate setting of your washing machine. 


Drying is an important process to bring your comforter to life. In order to properly dry a comforter, do not forget to set the heat of your dryer to low and check every 20 minutes or so to ensure the fabric doesn’t get too hot. Fluff up your comforter before sleeping for the fill to get evenly distributed.

Bonus: Try to place two wool or tennis balls that can effectively balance the load into the dryer. This helps your comforter regain its loft and maintain its fluffiness.

Following these steps will give your comforter a new life and reassuring comfort, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

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